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How to open a ticket?


For enjoying my support pls Click on Submit a new ticket and create a new ticket.

The * fields are compulsory. Fill those fields as below:

Name: Your Full Name

E-mail: your e-mail address.

Priority: As per your priority to the problem. High, Low or Medium.

Subject: Write your problem in few words.

Message: In your ticket's body you should report your issues elaborately.

Company Name: The company name for which the support you are asking. It is better to add the SAP company code with the name of the company.

Attachments: Add any file containing detail of the problem. e.g - Screenshot of the error message.

SPAM Prevention: Put the Captcha code as you see.

 Now Click on Submit ticket

A ticket number will be generated & a URL & ticket number will be e-mailed to your provided e-mail address for your confirmation of the submission. If I or any of my agent provides any reply, you'll be notified via the same e-mail address.



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